Curation Confessions

Collection of books
Read again and again

What collection makes me feel warm and fuzzy? My collection of favorite books. These are not just books I enjoy but books that I will read over and over, books that become worn out with crack spines and battered pages. Books that have traveled in my suitcase or purse, rode around in my car, were carried to beaches and parks and benches. Books that have been read in the kitchen and living room and in bed.

Elizabeth Boyer’s Book of Painter series was my first set such books – sad and yet beautiful! Lyndon Hardy wrote Master of the Five Magics, Secret of the Sixth Magic, and Riddle of the Seven Realms. In these books, I found an explanation of magic presented as logic, almost like science. Steven Brust’s Vald Taltos series contains my favorite characters.

Some stories and their authors stick with you like old friends that you are pleased to meet again and even though you know the ending, you want to sit and listen and enjoy because the story is just so good.


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