It’s a beach party!

Dear friend,

You came to the Extend West kickoff, but I can’t find you! Maybe you don’t like water! Maybe all this talk of dipping your toes in or getting submerged is too much and a cannonball??? No way! That’s okay, just grab a towel, spread it out on the sand and watch! And when you are ready, let us know you are here.

I know you are already busy. I know this seems strange and unstructured. I thought Twitter was stupid too. But seriously, this Extending stuff is fun! It’s a beach party! Here’s how you can come out on the sand:

  1. Get or open your twitter account.
  2. In the search box, type Ontario Extend, click on Ontario Extend to go to their twitter page – click on the follow button.oext1oext2.png
  3. Go back to the search box, type #ExtendWest, click on #ExtendWest to see the posts that contain that hashtag and click on the names of some of the posters to follow them.oext3
  4. Log in once or twice a day and see what Ontario Extend and the Extenders you have followed are doing!
  5. Watch for the Daily Extend. Search the #oext tag with the number to see what others have tweeted in response. Follow them. Click the heart button if you like it. oext4
  6. When you see one that peeks your curiosity, try it. Tweet it to @OntarioExtend.
  7. Navigate over to the Extend West blogs, read a few. They are both informative and FUN!oext5

Come out from the shade, and join us on the beach! The weather is fine! And you can stay out of the water if you want to.

Featured Image: Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

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