OER for Porter’s Five Forces

Teaching and learning with case studies in the area of Business has been a fascination of mine for some time. Recently, David Tell (@bdt53 ‏) and I have been debating creating an Open Education Resource on the case study method that could be used as a workshop or seminar for Business students at our college. With this in mind, I searched for Open Education Resources (OER) that might be used in this project.

My first attempts were fruitless. I started to large, seeking first if there was a seminar style resource already created. Recalling the suggestion to map out a strategy, I thought about what concepts or tools I would want to have as part of the seminar and turned my attention the Porter’s Five Forces.

Using this smaller piece of a case study seminar, I found:

One chapter in OER textbook: Evaluating the Industry in Mastering Strategic Management, 1st Canadian Edition (2014) by Janice Edwards on BC Open Textbooks.

One article: Boundless: “Porter’s Five Forces” from BUS501: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT on Saylor Academy

An interview with Mike Porter on his Five Forces model:


One instructional video:


And two graphics or figures, one used as the Feature Image – Figure by MIT OpenCourseWare on Flickr  and a second more detailed figure also by MIT OpenCourseWare on Flickr:


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