It’s Official! Empowered Educator!

I am pumped! I am now officially a Ontario Extend Empowered Educator! Seriously, if you are an educator in the Ontario Postsecondary field, do yourself a big favour and check out Ontario Extend. I cannot say enough good things about my experiences in this professional development project from eCampusOntario.

I won’t say that is was easy because there were moments that I really struggled but it was worth it. I see changes in my thinking and practice daily. Sometimes, I pause because some of these changes have become automatic like adding Alt text to photos and finding Creative Commons licensed materials to share. Others are more subtle like becoming comfortable about being working in the open and considering how I can be a partner to those around me.

And I am not done yet! I plan to be an Extender for life and to continue to build on this experience. Not to mention, I think there are more activities to do in the Domain Camp and of course, every day there is a Daily Extend to tackle!


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  1. Bravo Irene.

    It’s has been a delight to observe your journey with OntarioExtend colleagues. Wonderful outcome for our iteration 1 design prototype for professional learning materials to underpin the affordances of digital tools in the learning process. You should be proud. It’s demanding work and it does requires reflective practice. Way to go!

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