Gotta catch’em all!

Screenshot Pokemon Go

I am fortunate to have some lovely walking paths very near my home. I enjoyed walk along Mud Creek and seeing all the creatives, real and virtual. And it is something I miss greatly. Particularly in 2016, I was walking 2 – 3 kilometers per day taking pictures of the neighbourhood cat who followed me part of the way every day or of the ducks and geese that regularly blocked my path. During this time, I also enjoyed playing Pokemon Go. It was fun and it kept track of how far I had walked.

Neighbourhood Cat

I became quite ill in late 2016 and was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in early 2017. I have not yet reached remission but I am hopeful. Right now, if I work, there is no energy left over and I can make it to the end of the block and back but not to the paths.

These daily adventures taking photos and playing Pokemon Go are probably the most interesting things I have done with my phone. I hesitate to say smart phone because mine is kinda dumb. And I like it that way. I think cellphone and data plans are too expensive in many cases. I do not feel the need to spend a couple of thousand dollars a year to be in constant contact. I don’t check my email or do work on my phone. I have a few close friends and family who have my number.

I know there are many cool and useful apps available and maybe I will find some new one to add but for right now, I am happy to live in the dark ages of cellphones.


Response to Daily Extend #oext198



Extend Parodealia

Today’s Daily Extend asked us to look for a face in the wild. This ability to find a pattern where one does not exist is called Paroealia. I read the Daily Extend before I left for work and decided to look but not look for a face in the wild, to just think about the idea and see what turned up. I saw a few possibilities on the drive from Chatham to Windsor but it was not until I was walking from the parking lot that I caught my first.

Mr. Tree waving me into work today!

tree face

This is the first one that I tweeted. But the idea did not leave me and later in the day, I found the one below in the rock beneath the balcony outside my office.

Woman in a storm, clutching her coat and hood against the wind.

woman in a storm