Cornell Notes with TEDTalk

Scan of handwritten notes in cornell style. Content of notes not import

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As I move through the Teacher for Learning Module. I find things I know but have not thought about. Cornell Notetaking is a good example of that. For the Extend Activity, I choose a TEDTalk by Simon Sinek (@simonsinek) who speaks on leadership.

One of the thoughts I encountered during this activity is that my notes will and should look different from anyone else’s. Notetaking should be a unique and personal activity as you process the information and write down what is important to you, what builds on your existing knowledge. In my own notetaking, I am focused on what I don’t know, what can add to my body of knowledge and what is meaningful to me. That said, the final block that requires a short summary is the opportunity to connect the new to the old by developing a coherent explanation. As an often over wordy person, this is a skill I can work on.